3 Ways You Can Keep Motorcycle Thieves Away

With more and more motorcycles getting stolen each year, it is easy to assume that many of them were secured properly or even at all. However, the scary truth is that most professional thieves can get into your motorcycle if they wanted to – despite all the locks and bolts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep them away with a few simple steps.

Here are 3 ways you can keep motorcycle thieves away.

Choose the right locks

While you need to immobilize one wheel to prevent those sudden roll-off thefts, choosing the right locks will provide a visual off stand against thieves. Choosing disc locks in bright colors and motion alarm features will not only keep thieves at bay but also make it less likely to find your lock before you forget to use it.

Using chains and cable locks will often be more than enough to tie around a lamppost or even another motorcycle. You can use cables that are lighter with less bulk than chains as they are still more able to defy bolt cutters.

Pick the loudest alarm

In today’s electronic age, alarms work as a theft prevention with the sound off siren while other alarms will signal you through a small receiver. However, you will still have to investigate the case once it goes off. Most thieves will trigger the alarm to see if anyone comes. If not, they will take your bike and alarm for free.

Mark the Spot

Where you park will often make all the difference in the safety of your motorcycle. Choose a brightly lit spot that is well seen and traveled. Go for the front of the building where it will be highly visual. You might think that nobody will notice your bike at the down of the road, but this will also give them more of an opportunity to do the work without being seen.

Got any tips you would like to share on how to prevent the thieves from snatching your motorcycle? Comment below and let us know!

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