4 Things to Look For When You Purchase Motorcycle Tires

Choosing the right tires will make all the difference in how your bike works. When the wrong one is used, how will you be able to find the best motorcycle tires for your bike? With some knowledge, you can determine which tires you need to choose from.

Here are 4 things to look for when you purchase motorcycle tires.

Think about street tires

Street tires can be divided into two categories, such as the tube type and tubeless. If your bike has spokes wheels, you will need tires that have an inner tube. If your bike uses cast wheels, you can use the tubeless style of tires.

Consider the treat and pattern

The next thing to consider is the tread and pattern. The tread is the part that comes into contact with the road. The channels and grooves that cut into the treat will comprise the pattern. While the racing slicks are fully trodden with no pattern. The tread is what gets work done. The pattern exists to keep water away from the tire and refrain from losing the grip during rainy weather.

Check the profile of the motorcycle

When you view the motorcycle from behind, it will have vertical sidewalls with a rounded tread. The shape is what allows riders to stay firmly in contact with the road and hold the traction when making a turn. The profile is the shape of the curved tread. Be sure to go for quality, no matter what shape it may be.

Pick quality compound

The compound is the material that makes up the tire of the motorcycle. For racing motorcycles, tires are often used with soft compounds that will last a maximum of 100 miles. However, they also provide a strong grip. For hard-compound bike tires, they offer maximum grip to help increase longevity that will reach as high as 20,000 miles in one tire.


It is important to understand the quality and material of what to look for in motorcycle tires. As not all tires are the same, make sure to choose the right tire for your motorcycle.

Infographic by: www.bikebandit.com